Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Wong Yiik Diew

Director, Centre for Infrastructure Systems
Deputy Director, Transport Research Centre @ NTU
Associate Professor

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6790 5328/5250
Office: N1-B1b-09a/ N1-01b-51

  • PhD University of Canterbury 1990
  • BE(Hons) University of Canterbury 1983
Dr WONG Yiik Diew is a faculty member at NTU since 1991. He conducts courses in transportation, highway and traffic engineering, road safety engineering, civil engineering materials, statistics and mathematics. Dr Wong is Director of Centre for Infrastructure Systems (CIS), and Deputy Director of NTU-LTA Transport Research Centre (TRC@NTU). He was previously Director of Bachelor of Science (Maritime Studies) Programme, Deputy Director of Master of Science (Logistics) Programme, and Director of B.Eng.(Civil Engineering) Programme. Dr Wong is a Lead Principal Investigator in Rapid Road Transit (RRT) programme in NRF-TUM CREATE 2. Dr Wong is member of Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC).
Research Interests
Dr Wong's R&D interests are in urban mobility; road safety engineering & practices; driver & traveller behaviours; pedestrian safety & accessibility; bicycle transport & infrastructure; innovative construction materials in pavement. He has also undertaken research in freight transport; maritime safety & security; maritime manpower developments.

Research Scholars (active):

PhD Thesis: Arimbi Jinca; Shi Xiupeng; Chee Pei Nen; Hou Xiao; Che Maohao; Wang Yongcheng; Te Ron Nguyen; Dana Mutiara Kusumawardi; Chen Tianyi;

M.Eng. Thesis: Wong Miao’en Grace.

Research Scholars [graduated]:

PhD Thesis: Lum Kit Meng; Aine Kusumawati; Ahad Memon; Anggraini Zulkati; Ho Sze Hwee; Chai Chen; Koh Puay Ping; Yeung Jian Sheng; Chen Mengjia; Yuen Kum Fai; Dwi Phalita Upahita; Tharsis Teoh; Wang Xueqin; Rojas Lopez Maria Cecilia;

M.Eng. Thesis: Ng Choon Heng; Chandrasekar, P.; Goh Pin Kai; Hau Lay Peng; Ho Jen Sim; Koh Puay Ping;

MSc (Transportation Engineering) Dissertation: Seah Haw Kuan; Tan Koon Hiau; Min Min Naing; Thu Ya Chit; Iwan Soemarjo Halim; Yap Zhee Lian; Abeyweera Herath Mudiyanselage Buddhi ; Aye Aye Htwe; Myint Myint Than; Thein Moe; Thant Zin Myo; Moe Aung Lwin;

MSc (Logistics) Dissertation: Ng Mong Choon Edwin; Goh Teck Jin; Chan Yew Kee; Tan Seng Hor; Ho Hwa Puay; Tan Tsui Hsia; Chng Siew Ling Yvonne.

Google Scholar Profile:
Current Projects
  • Before and After Evaluation of Implementing Bicycle-Centric Infrastructure in a Township
  • CIS Research Grant
  • Centre for Infrastructure Systems Research Grant
  • Driving Simulation as an assessment of elderly driver fitness to drive and driver rehabilitation method
  • Evaluation of Human Factors in Wayfinding within MRT/LRT Transit Areas
  • Geo-Env-Mobility And Monitoring (GEM3) Station Research Account
  • Harnessing connected vehicle traffic information for intersection signal control
  • Human Factors Study in the On-Board Unit (OBU) Design
  • Identifying Performance Indicators for Inclusive Streets
  • Modelling, simulation, and travel time prediction of a road network disruption
  • Rapid Road Transport (RRT)
  • Research into space conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists on shared footpaths
  • Reviewing Cross Section of the Roads
  • Serviceability (Crowdedness, Comfort and Weather Protection) of Commuter and Bus Infrastructure Adjoining MRT Stations
  • Speed Safety Threshold for Bicycles and Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) and Enforcement Review
  • Walking-cycling Demand Model at Neighbourhood Level
  • Walking/ Cycling virtual simulator
Selected Publications
  • Zhou Q; Wong YD; Loh HS; Yuen KF. (2018). A fuzzy and Bayesian network CREAM model for human reliability analysis—the case of tanker shipping. Safety Science, 105, 149-157.
  • Wang X; Yuen KF; Wong YD; Teo CC. (2018). It is green, but is it fair? Investigating consumers’ fairness perception of green service offerings. Journal of Cleaner Production , 181, 235-248.
  • Chaturabong P; Lim TT; Wong YD. (2018). Effective surface treatment techniques for refinishing oil-stained road surface. Construction and Building Materials, 159, 64-72.
  • Yuen KF, Thai VV, Wong YD. (2017). Corporate social responsibility and classical competitive strategies in maritime transport: A contingency perspective. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 98, 1-13.
  • Rojas Lopez, MC; Wong, YD. (2017). Children’s active trips to school: a review and analysis. International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, 9(1), 79-95.

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