Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Wong Chee How

Associate Dean (Academic), College of Engineering

School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)67905915/67904349
Office: N1.3-B1-01/N3.2-02-22

  • PhD Nanyang Technological University 2005
  • MEng Nanyang Technological University 2002
  • BEng(MfgEng)(Hons) The University of Birmingham 1999
Dr. Wong Chee How is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Prior to joining NTU as an Assistant Professor in 2008, he was a Senior Research Fellow in Data Storage Institute, A*Star, working in the area of head-disk interface and actuation controls. He received his Bachelor degree in Manufacturing Engineering from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, and Master and Ph.D. degrees from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore respectively.
Research Interests
Associate Professor Wong Chee How's research interests largely involves numerical work, simulation and modeling. (1) Under the ambit of atomistic simulations, his research interests include investigation of properties of materials at nano-scale. Current research also includes modelling of additive manufacturing processes. (2) Recently, he also picked up interest in exploration of advanced numerical and theoretical framework and associated implementation for asymmetric lift production.
Current Projects
  • Development of New Material for 3D Printing
  • Development of a 3D Printed Safety Cage Structure for Micro Air Vehicle Construction
  • Expert system for additive manufacturing
  • Exploratory development of Thrust Vectoring Control (TVC) system
  • Multiple Material Additive Manufacturing Platform
  • NAMIC@NTU - Programme
  • Nanyang Education Awards 2014
  • Process qualification and modelling
  • Programme: Aerospace and Defence
  • Project ROCOON
  • Security Kiosk Modular Design
  • Simulation and Modelling of Selective Laser Melting
Selected Publications
  • K. W. Ng, C. H. Wong, S. H. Leong, Z. M. Yuan, B. Liu, and T. C. Chong. (2008). A method to study the cooling effect of the thermal actuator. Journal of Applied Physics, 103, 07F532.
  • B. Liu, S. K. Yu, W. D. Zhou, C. H. Wong, and W. Hua. (2008). Low flying-height slider with high thermal actuation efficiency and small flying-height modulation caused by disk waviness. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 44, 145.
  • K. M. Liew, C. H. Wong, and M. J. Tan. (2005). Buckling properties of carbon nanotube bundle. Applied Physics Letters, 87, 041901.
  • K. M. Liew, X. Q. He, and C. H. Wong. (2004). On the study of elastic and plastic properties of multiwalled carbon nanotubes under axial tension using molecular dynamics simulation. Acta Materialia, 52, 2521-2527.
  • K. M. Liew, C. H. Wong, X. Q. He, M. J. Tan, and S. A. Meguid. (2004). Nanomechanics of single and multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 69, 115429.

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