Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Carlo Sirtori

Visiting Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Prof Carlo Sirtori

Carlo Sirtori received his PhD in physics from the University of Milan in 1990.

The same year he joined Bell Labs where he started his research career on quantum devices. During his years at Bell Labs he made important contributions in the field of semiconductor quantum structures such as the invention and the development of the “Quantum Cascade Laser”.

In 1997, Carlo Sirtori joined THALES Research & Technology (TRT) in France and in 2000 he became the head of the “Semiconductor Laser Group” for the development of semiconductor lasers from the near- to the far-infrared.

In 2002, he has been appointed Professor at the University Paris Diderot, where he continues his research on quantum devices. Since 2010, he is the Director of the MPQ laboratories of the CNRS and University Paris Diderot. At present he pursues his research on quantum cascade lasers and has a strong activity on devices operating in the light-matter strong coupling regime.

Carlo Sirtori is the author of more than 230 articles in peer reviewed journals and has given some 100 invited talks at international conferences. He has received several prestigious awards such as the Fresnel Prize (European Physical Society) and various prizes in the USA, such as the “quantum devices award”. In 2010 he was awarded an ERC-advanced-grant for his pioneering research on quantum devices. He is also member of the Institut Universitaire de France.
Research Interests
My research activities are mostly dedicated to light and condensed matter interaction, with a special emphasis on semiconductor low dimensional-structures. The design and realisation of new devices based on the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics are always at the centre of my interests. My continuous interactive dialog with industrial partners has driven these investigations towards the matching of fundamental research with long-term technological needs. A clear example of the mixing between fundamental and applied is the quantum cascade (QC) laser where quantum engineering of artificial electronic and photonic potentials blend in with the realisation of optoelectronic devices.

At present my main research interest are:

- Quantum devices bases on the strong and ultra-strong light matter interaction
- Superradiant devices
- High frequency modulation of QC laser
- THz QC lasers
- Antenna coupled to micro-cavities detectors
- Quantum phenomena in LC-circuit resonators

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