Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Chung Lai Hong

Assistant Dean (Alumni Affairs), College of Business (Nanyang Business School), College of Business
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School)
Assistant Dean , College of Business

Assoc Prof Chung Lai Hong

Assoc Prof Chung Lai Hong is the Director of the Nanyang MBA. She has a Bachelor of Accountancy degree (with honours) from the National University of Singapore and a Ph.D. in accounting and strategy from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to entering academia, Lai Hong worked as an internal auditor in a large governmental organization. She has been actively involved in executive development programmes for organizations such as, BOC Gases Asia Pacific, DuPont Asia-Pacific, Essilor, KPMG, Reuters Singapore and Schering AG.
Research Interests
Her research interests include management planning and control issues in multinationals, strategic management accounting and management accounting innovation. She has published in international journals and presented in numerous conferences.
Current Projects
  • Research In Accounting And Strategy
  • Trust and Management Control
Selected Publications
  • Parker, L.D. and Chung, L.H. (2018). Structuring social and environmental management control and accountability: behind the hotel doors. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 31(3), 993-1023.
  • Chung Lai Hong and Lee Parker. (2011). Developing Environmental Strategies and Controls: From Global Foundations to Local Initiatives. 6th Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control.
  • David Emsley and Lai Hong Chung. (2010). How Management Accountants' Cognitive Style and Role Involvement Combine to Affect the Effort Devoted to Initiating Change. Abacus, 46(3), 232-257.
  • Chung Lai Hong and Lee Parker. (2010). Managing Social and Environmental Action and Accountability in the Hospitality Industry: A Singapore Perspective. Accounting Forum, 34, 46-53.
  • Teoh, W. K., L. H. Chung, T. B.-P. Ng. (2008). Effects of performance measure categorization, performance context and intervention on performance evaluation judgments. American Accounting Association Annual Meeting.

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