Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Yu Kang Yang

Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Leadership, Management & Organisation
Co-Director for Centre for Research and Development in Learning (CRADLE), Centre for Research and Development in Learning (CRADLE)

Assoc Prof Yu Kang Yang

• Yu Kang Yang, Trevor is an Associate Professor in Organizational Behavior in the Division of Strategy, Management & Organization at the Nanyang Business School. He received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), specializing in Organizational Behavior.
• Professor Yu teaches courses involving the management of human capital including managerial decision-making, consulting research methodology, total rewards, and organizational behavior and design at the Nanyang Business School. He has consulted with several US and Singapore-based organizations on issues of organizational image and culture, career management, work-place climate, and work-team effectiveness.
• Professor Yu has published in internationally-renown academic journals such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Applied Psychology: An International Review, and the Human Resource Management Journal. He currently sits on the editorial of board of Group and Organization Management.
• He has also co-edited the Oxford Handbook of Recruitment and written several book chapters for both academic and practitioner audiences. His research is constantly featured at top international conferences such as the Academy of Management Conference and the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.
• His primary areas of research expertise include creating valuable organizational cultures through building employer brand equity, strategic recruitment, and developing person-environment fit. His work specifically focuses on the psychological and behavioral experiences of job seekers, recruiters, organizational newcomers, and supervisors.
• Prior to his academic career, Professor Yu was an analyst with an international management consulting firm, where he specialized in business process consulting and organizational change management.
Research Interests
Professor Yu's research interests include investigating how companies manage their image and culture to attract and retain talent; asking why is it important to fit in with our jobs and organizations; and understanding how member values influence the effectiveness of the teams that they work in. He also does research in the areas of recruitment, cultural values, job satisfaction, and team effectiveness.
Current Projects
  • Improving Recruitment Outcomes For The Social Service Sector
  • Investigating the effects of social media word-of-mouth on job search behavior
  • Lifespan Career Development in Entrepreneurship, Professionalism, and Leadership
  • Understanding the complexity of Employer Brand Equity: Interactive effects between employer image, employer reputation, and job search activity on recruitment outcomes.
  • Unraveling the Motivational Pathways to STEM Career Preferences and Behaviors: The Interplay between Individual and Contextual Influences
Selected Publications
  • Yu, K.Y.T. (2019). Influencing How One is Seen by Potential Talent: Organizational Impression Management among Recruiting Firms.. Journal of Applied Psychology, in press.
  • Yu, K. Y. T. & Verma, K. (2018). Investigating the Role of Goal Orientation in Job Seekers’ Experience of Person-Environment fit. Applied Psychology, 68(1), 83-125.
  • Chan, K. Y., Ho, M. H. R., Kennedy, J. C., Uy, M. A., Kang, N. Y. K., Chernyshenko, O. S., & Yu, K. Y. T. (2017). Who Wants to Be an Intrapreneur? Relations between Employees’ Entrepreneurial, Professional, and Leadership Career Motivations and Intrapreneurial Motivation in Organizations. Frontiers in Psychology, 8(2041), 2041-1-11.
  • Jin, M. H. & Yu, K. Y. T. (2017). How Does Public Service Motivation Really Influence Employees’ Person-Organization Fit Perceptions? Testing Followership Theory Using a Three-Step Mediation Model.. International Review of Administrative Sciences, In press.
  • Yu, K. Y. T. & Davis, H. M. (2017). Integrating job search into the study of employer brands.. International Journal of Human Resource Management, In press.

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