Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Damien Joseph

Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management
Assistant Dean (Undergraduate), College of Business (NBS)

Assoc Prof Damien Joseph

Damien Joseph is an Associate Professor of Information Technology at the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). His research seeks to understand why and how IT professionals, and more generally workers, sustain themselves in the course of their work and their careers. Specifically, his research interests are in examining themes relating to IT work, compensation, competencies, career and culture. Underlying these themes of research is the contextual influence of subjective and objective cultures.

Damien's research has been published in top international journals in the management information systems (MIS) discipline and in the management discipline. He has published in MIS journals such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Communications of the ACM, Information and Management, and Communications of the AIS. In addition, he has also published in the following management journals: Human Relations and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. Damien is a regular participant at major international conferences where his research has won best paper awards.

Damien is also the Assistant Dean (Undergraduate) tasked with revising undergraduate accountancy and business education. His teaching interests are focused on developing business analytic skills in undergraduates and advanced research method skills in PhD candidates. In the undergraduate programme, Damien has taught a wide variety of courses including on technological innovations and developments, systems analysis and design, designing and developing databases, and business analytics consulting. He also led the design and implementation of the Business Analytics Work-Study Programme (BA WSP). In the Nanyang PhD programme, Damien teaches an advanced research methods course on meta-analysis. As a known expert in this research methodology, he has been invited by universities to conduct a similar course for faculty and PhD candidates. Damien has received multiple teaching awards.

Damien has extensively consulted with major local and international organizations, including the Housing Development Board, Singapore Airlines, Singapore IT Dispute Resolution Committee, Center for Creative Leadership (Greensboro, NC), and International Labor Organization (Geneva). Damien’s IT professional experiences are in intelligent systems development; systems integration and end-user computing. He is a Fellow of the Singapore Computer Society and an ISACA certified IS auditor.
Research Interests
His research interests are in the management of high-technology professionals, specifically examining issues relating to career, compensation, competencies, culture, and leadership.
Current Projects
  • The Antecedents Influencing And Consequences Arising From the Careers of IT Professionals
  • The Role of Career Interventions in Entry and Persistence in IT Careers
  • The Role of Career Interventions in School to Work Transitions of IT Professionals.
  • The Sustainable IT Professional: Cross-Cultural Studies on the Meaning of IT Work; Work Attitudes and Motivations; and Competencies of IT Professionals.
Selected Publications
  • Setor T. and Joseph D. (2020). When Agile Means Staying: Examining the Relationship Between Agile Development Usage and Individual IT Professional Outcomes. Journal of Computer Information Systems, Forthcoming.
  • Karimikia, H., Singh, H. and Joseph, D. (2020). Negative Outcomes of ICT Use at Work: Meta-Analytic Evidence and the role of Job Autonomy. Internet Research, Forthcoming.
  • Setor T. and Joseph D. (2020). Prototypical Career Paths in Urban, Suburban and Rural Geographic Locations in the United States. Human Relations, Forthcoming.
  • Shan W, Keller JW, and Joseph D. (2019). Are Men Better Negotiators Everywhere? A Meta-Analytical Review of Gender Difference in Negotiation Performance in Different Cultures. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 40(6), 605-778.
  • Wiesche M., Joseph D., Thatcher J., Gu B., and Krcmar H. (2019). IT Workforce. MIS Quarterly Research Curation, .

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