Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Anutosh Chakraborty

Assistant Chair (Graduate Studies), School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6790 4222
Office: N3-02b-43

  • PhD (MechEng) National University of Singapore 2005
  • MEng (MechEng) National University of Singapore 2001
  • BSc (MechEng) Bangladesh University of Eng & Tech 1997
Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty joined the Division of Thermal and Fluids Engineering on 4 January 2010 as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Chakraborty obtained his BSc (Mechanical Engineering) from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in 1997. He then obtained his MEng and PhD degrees from the department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS), in 2001 and 2005 respectively. Later he worked at the Institute for Materials, Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan as a lecturer for one year. He was awarded the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) postdoctoral fellowship in 2007.
Research Interests
(1) Adsorption Thermodynamics.
(2) Adsorption/Absorption refrigeration/Heat Pump Systems and Desalination
(3) Adsorption Gas (Methane/Hydrogen) Storage, Surface science.
(4) Pool boiling at sub-atmospheric pressure, Flow boiling, Condensation.
(5) Micro/Nano-Scale Transport Phenomena.
(6) Bulk and Nanostructured thermoelectric device and their simulation tools.
Current Projects
  • A High Efficient Waste Heat Driven Quad-generation Plant
  • Design and construct a prototype of Pressure Swing Adsorption Device for oxygen extraction to only 5-10% in a fridge chamber
  • Development of Metal Organic Frameworks for Heat Transmission Applications
  • Development of Nanostructured Membrane Based Metal Organic Frameworks for O2 Separation from Air
  • Electromobility in Megacities - RP 7: E-Car Technology
  • Membrane-based Absorption Air Conditioning and Dehumidification System using Renewable Energy or Waste Head
Selected Publications
  • W. Fan, A. Chakraborty, and K.C. Leong. (2018). Theoretical and experimental investigations of isosteric heats for water adsorption on silica gel surfaces. Applied Thermal Engineering, 141, 134 - 142.
  • S.M. Ali, A. Chakraborty, K.C. Leong. (2017). CO2-assisted compression-adsorption hybrid for cooling and desalination. Energy Conversion and Management, 143, 538 - 552.
  • Chakraborty, A., Saha, B.B., Ng, K.C., Koyama, S., Srinivasan, K. (2009). Theoretical Insight of Physical Adsorption for a single component adsorbent-adsorbate system: II. The Henry Region. Langmuir, 25(13), 7359–7367.
  • Chakraborty, A, Saha, B.B, Ng, K.C, Koyama, S, Srinivasan, K. (2009). Theoretical Insight of Physical Adsorption for a single component adsorbent-adsorbate system: I. Thermodynamic Property Surfaces. Langmuir, 25(4), 2204–2211.
  • Saha, B.B., Chakraborty, A., Koyama, S., Aristov, Y.I. (2009). A new generation cooling device employing CaCl2-in-silica gel–water system. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 52, 516-524.

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