Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Angie Low An Chee

Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Banking & Finance
Deputy Head of Division (Banking & Finance), College of Business (NBS)

Assoc Prof Angie Low An Chee

Dr. Angie Low is currently an Associate Professor of Finance at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Angie's current research interests include corporate governance, managerial compensation, corporate culture, and capital structure. Angie received her Ph.D. in Finance from Ohio State University and is a recipient of the Rene M. Stulz Scholar Development Award at Ohio State.
Research Interests
Corporate Governance, Managerial Compensation, Corporate Culture, Capital Structure
Current Projects
  • Does Escalation Bias Affect Firm Investment Behavior?
  • Firm Size and Managerial Entrenchment: Internal versus External Growth
  • Managerial Risk-Taking Behavior and Equity-Based Compensation
Selected Publications
  • Fahlenbrach, Rüdiger, Angie Low, and René M. Stulz. (2017). Do Independent Director Departures Predict Future Bad Events?. The Review of Financial Studies, 30(7), 2313–2358.
  • Xin Chang, Kangkang Fu, Angie Low, and Wenrui Zhang. (2015). Non-executive Employee Stock Options and Corporate Innovation. Journal of Financial Economics, 115(1), 168-188.
  • Hirshleifer, David, Angie Low, and Siew Hong Teoh. (2012). Are overconfident CEOs better innovators?. The Journal of Finance, 67, 1457-1498.
  • Low, Angie. (2009). Managerial Risk-Taking Behavior and Equity-Based Compensation. Journal of Financial Economics, 92, 470-490.
  • Fahlenbrach, Ruediger, Angie Low, Rene M. Stulz. (2009). Why do firms appoint CEOs as outside directors?. Journal of Financial Economics, 97, 12-32.

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