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This category covers:

  • Anthropology and Sociology of Southeast Asia
  • Chinese Societies
  • Civil Society and Social Movements
  • Development and Social Change
  • Economic Sociology
  • Gender
  • Globalisation
  • Language
  • Migration
  • Nationalism and Transnationalism
  • Organisations
  • Political Sociology
  • Religion
  • Science, Technology and Society
  • Singapore Studies
  • Social Inequality
  • Social Memory
  • Societal Issue in Commercial Communications
  • Sociology of Culture
  • The Family

Sociology is unquestionably the broadest of all social science disciplines: all spheres of social life (culture, economy, and politics) are open to inquiry. So are specific social phenomena such as power relations, organisational changes, and the creation, use, and consequences of scientific and technical knowledge. Doing sociology is a rigorous process that involves careful and reasoned collection and analysis of empirical data in order to test, critique, and refine existing understandings of historical and contemporary social processes.

In analysing the determinants and consequences of social change within and across societies, we confront questions about human costs and choices relating to issues such as social inequality and the quality of life. Thus sociology involves critical judgment and creative reasoning in the analysis of personal choices, organisational decisions, and public policies – without resorting to uncritical acceptance of conventional wisdom or avoidance of inconvenient data. Sociology is a practical craft that prepares students for a variety of career pursuits.

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