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  • Comparative Literature
  • Critical and Literary Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • English and American Literature
  • Literature and Psychoanalysis
  • Literature, Science and Technology
  • Popular Culture
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Singapore and Southeast Asian Literature and Culture
  • World Literature

  • The study of modern literature is a relatively young discipline. It emerged in the course of the nineteenth century, came of age in the early twentieth century, and placed itself at the forefront of intellectual debate in the 1960s. It embraces a very wide number of fields of enquiry, from the study of ancient manuscripts and texts, through the collation of different editions, the in-depth study of national traditions, national and historical periods and major authors, to the exploration of the multitude of different critical theories that have arisen over the last half century.

    The Division of English fosters research in many of the different fields that make up the discipline. It has a special interest in the study of Singaporean and South-East Asian literature. It also oversees research, in all the major genres (poetry, drama, fiction), through all the major periods of English Literature (Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, the eighteenth century, romanticisms, the Victorian period, modernism, the twentieth century and contemporary literature) and American Literature (early American literature, the nineteenth century, the twentieth century, native and ethnic American literature), as well as the investigation of new tendencies that have emerged within these (Asian American literature and film; British-Asian literature). It is also conducting research in the intersection of narrative and film, the history, criticism, and theory of film, gender theory, postcolonial studies, comparative literature, European and World Literature, and ethical theory and criticism.

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