Research Categories

Interactive Digital Media

This category covers:

  1. Digital Media
    • Audio and Speech Processing
    • Computer Graphics and Visualization
    • Digital intelligence (or Digital libraries and information retrieval)
    • Emerging Digital Infocomm and Media Platforms
    • Games in Asia
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Image & Video Processing
    • Impact of Traditional and New Media on Individuals and Society
    • Influence of Media Content
    • Media Coding
    • Media Effects
    • Media Transmission
    • Mediated Environment
    • Modeling and Simulation
    • Multimedia Understanding
    • The Formal Features of Media, and the Context of Communication on Cognitive and Affective Responses
    • Thin Film Technology
  2. Interactive Media
    • Animation
    • Automatic Sentiment Analysis
    • Business Models for IDM Marketplace
    • Computer Animation
    • Computer Mediated Communication
    • Diffusion of ICTs in organization
    • Digital Broadcasting,
    • Digital Libraries
    • Digital Production
    • Gaming Culture and Social Interaction in Games
    • Gaming
    • Human Categorization Behaviour
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Hypertext & Web
    • Impact Studies of New Media,
    • Impacts of Digital Games
    • Information and Communication Technologies
    • Information Extraction
    • Information Retrieval
    • Interactive Media
    • Mixed Media
    • Multilingual Information Retrieval
    • Multimedia and Internet Technologies
    • National Language Processing and Information Retrieval
    • Natural Language Processing
    • New Communication Technology
    • New Media
    • Ontology and Knowledge Representation
    • Positive and Negative Effects of Playing Video Games
    • Socio-Psychological Effects of Virtual Reality Environments and their Applications in Medical Aids
    • Text Mining
    • Text Summarization
    • User Interface Design - Culture, Ethics, Security, Privacy and Trust,
    • Video Art
    • Virtual Reality
    • Visual Communication
    • Web Archiving and Digital Preservation
    • Web Intelligence and Dialogic Web

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