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  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Leadership Studies
  • Strategic Management
  • Technopreneurship

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NameResearch Interests
Asst Prof Alessandro RomagnoliAlessandro's research interests are: - Waste heat recovery (Thermo-electric generation, Boosting technology and turbocharging, Organic ranking cycles) - Battery thermal management - Thermal energy storage - Propulsion for UAVs
Assoc Prof Appa Iyer SivakumarAdvanced Manufacturing Systems Engineering; Design, Planning, & Scheduling of Manufacturing systems; Supply Chain and Logistics Analysis; Operations Research; Planning & design of Supply Chain; Multi-Objective Optimization, Discrete Event Simulation, Scheduling, Logistics, and Research Methodology
Assoc Prof Chan Kim YinProfessor Chan’s broad area of research expertise is in the area of human resource development and psychological measurement, focusing on entrepreneurial, professional and leadership development. His specific research areas of interest are as follows: 1. Career aspirations, attitudes/orientations and development in the 21st century, including boundarylessness, adaptability, identity & employability. 2. Holistic, lifelong career development in entrepreneurial, professional and leadership dimensions. 3. Leadership – Individual differences, leadership development and the motivation to lead. and development systems, processes and issues. 3. Psychological aspects of Science, Research and Innovation and entrepreneurship. 4. Professions and professional development in the 21st century. 5. Military Leadership and professionalism – competency and values-based/ethical aspects and broader human capital/organizational management
Asst Prof Chiu Shih-ChiCorporate restructuring strategy Corporate social responsibility Executive succession & human capital Corporate governance IPO strategy
Asst Prof Chou Meng-HsuanRegionalism and regional integration (European Union, ASEAN) Institutional and organisational theory Migration and asylum policy Research and higher education policy (knowledge policies)
Dr Clive ChooSmall Business Management; SME strategies; Entrepreneurship.
Assoc Prof David Lee ButlerProf Butler's area of expertise are surface metrology, machining processes and novel removal processes. His current research focuses on electrokinetic removal, the application of diatoms for nanotechnology and ultraprecision grinding.
Asst Prof David Matius GomulyaOpportunity creation through entrepreneurship and innovation, and opportunity sustainability through sound corporate governance and due considerations for societal and environmental impacts.
Mr David Yew Kai SinAsia-Pacific, communication, negotiation, information technology, information-communications, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, finance, strategy, consulting, strategic advice, research, business intelligence, competitor intelligence, customer intelligence, market opportunity analysis, market profiling, market sizing, forecasting, modelling, business expansion, market entry, partner evaluation and selection, partnering
Prof Gemma Anne CalvertConsumer neuroscience Implicit processing How brands work in the brain