Research Categories

Chinese Culture & Language (Chinese Studies)

This category covers:

  1. Chinese Literature and Culture
    • Modern Chinese Literature
    • Classical Chinese Literature
    • Chinese Literature in Asia
    • Chinese Traditional and Pop Cultures in Asia
    • Translation Studies in Modern China
    • Chinese Cinema
    • Studies of Chinese Arts
    • Culture Studies
  2. Chinese History and Thought
    • Chinese History (from the acient time tot he present)
    • Intellectual History
    • Chinese Philosophy and Thought
  3. Modern Chinese Society, Politcs and Economy
    • Chinese Foreign Relations
    • China and International Law
    • Chinese Politics
    • Social Development in Contemporary China
    • Taiwan Studies
  4. Linguistics and Chinese Linguistics
    • Chinese Language and Dialects in Asia
    • Chinese Language and Linguistics
  5. Studies of Ethnic-Chinese
    • Chinese Education in Southeast Asia
    • Chinese Migration and Networks: Global and Local Issues
    • Southeast Asian History
    • Studies of Ethnic Chinese

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