Research Categories

Systems and Engineering Management

NameResearch Interests
Assoc Prof Alton Chua Yeow KuanHis current research interests lie in information and knowledge management, communities of practice, online education and social computing
Assoc Prof Appa Iyer SivakumarAdvanced Manufacturing Systems Engineering; Design, Planning, & Scheduling of Manufacturing systems; Supply Chain and Logistics Analysis; Operations Research; Planning & design of Supply Chain; Multi-Objective Optimization, Discrete Event Simulation, Scheduling, Logistics, and Research Methodology
Asst Prof Arvind SainathanSupply Chain Management Interface of Operations Management/Marketing Healthcare Operations
Assoc Prof Chen Chun-HsienAssoc Prof Chen Chun-Hsien's areas of expertise are Industrial/Product Design, Knowledge Engineering, and Decision Support Systems. His current research work focuses on collaborative/human-centric/consumer-oriented product design and development, knowledge management, decision support systems and artificial intelligence in product/engineering design.
Dr Chen SonglinMy research is generally positioned at the interface between engineering and economics concerning the design and operations of advanced manufacturing/service systems. Specific research topics include: Mass customization, Manufacturing and service operations, System reliability and risk management, and Supply chain contracting. Personal Website:
Asst Prof Cheung Sai Hung-Catastrophe risk modeling, analysis, mitigation and management due to natural disasters and man-made hazards -Reliability, Risk engineering and science -Stochastic dynamics -Complexity science -Earthquake engineering, Performance-based engineering -Sustainable urban planning and development -Climate Change Impact Studies -Optimal decision making, design and control under uncertainty -Uncertainty quantification, System identification -Structural health monitoring
Dr Chew Ah Seng, DavidProf David Chew's areas of expertise are Construction and Project Management, Relationship Marketing for International Construction, Partnering and Strategic Alliances for Infrastructure Projects, Strategic Management of China's Construction Industry and Competitiveness of International Construction Firms. His current research works focus on Impact of Construction Regulations on Foreign-invested Construction Enterprsies in China and Supply Chain Management for Construction.
Prof Cho MenguPlease see
Assoc Prof Chua Geoffrey Bryan AngHis research interests are in (1) Flexible Capacity, (2) Inventory Management, (3) Operations-Marketing Interface, and (4) Humanitarian Operations.
Asst Prof David Lallemant- Disaster risk modeling - Engineering risk and reliability analysis - Remote sensing and earth observation technology - Geostatistics/spatial statistics - Predictive modeling - Humanitarian and development sciences - Design thinking as a research tool