Research Categories

Research Category

NameResearch Interests
Prof Helga NowotnySTS, science and technology studies; research and innovation policy
Assoc Prof (Adj) Ho Hiang KweeSustainable energy and climate change mitigation technologies and systems, including conventional power generation technologies, fuel cells, and integrated energy systems; and in computer based modeling, analysis, design, monitoring and management of thermal and energy systems.
Asst Prof Hou Han Wei-Microtechnologies and biosensors for blood diagnostics -Label-free immune cell phenotyping for rapid risk stratification in metabolic disorders -Circulating microvesicles and exosomes as novel biomarkers for non-invasive vascular health profiling -Biomimetic microengineered human organ-on-chip platforms for precision medicine
Asst Prof Li Junting Benjamin• Cross-modal experience of food in virtual environments • Health communication through digital technology • Influence of human-computer interaction on everyday life • Presence and immersion in virtual reality • Associations between head movements in virtual reality and affect • Impact of augmented reality and 360 degree immersive videos on society
Asst Prof Michael Stanley-BakerChinese Medicine Chinese Religions Digital Humanities Medical Anthropology Chinese Literature and History Asian Medicines
Asst Prof Ng Bing FengBuilding sustainability, wind energy, tidal energy, aerosol dynamics, indoor air quality, acoustics agglomeration Aerodynamics, structural dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, robust control, active and passive load alleviation UAVs, additive manufacturing, design and optimisation
Dr Nguwi Yok YenBusiness Analytics, Intelligent System, Computer Vision