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Research Category

NameResearch Interests
Mr Abel Perez AbadHis research interests include Sociolinguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Sociocultural Studies, New Trends in Foreign Language Teaching and Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL)
Asst Prof Abid Hussain-Waste management -Microbial electrochemical technologies (MET) for production of value-added materials -Synthesis gas fermentation to transportation fuels and industrial compounds -Anaerobic digestion (AD) & integrated processes for resource recovery -Biosensors for real time monitoring and control of GHG emissions -Microbial extracellular electron transport (EET), and syntrophic interactions for resource recovery
Assoc Prof Ajai VyasMy main interest is consequences of Toxoplasma gondii infection in its intermediate hosts. Toxoplasma is a protozoan parasite that infects humans and a variety of livestock species. This parasite causes fetal death in sheep and goat when contracted during early and mid-phase of the pregnancy. Most of Toxoplasma infections in herbivore hosts are initiated through food contaminated with cat fecal material. This is because cats are essential for the sexual phase of Toxoplasma life cycle. Cats are infected when they eat small rodents infected with Toxoplasma, leading to shedding of stable oocysts into the environment in cat poo. Thus the transmission from small rodents to cats provide a bottleneck to Toxoplasma transmission; one that could be useful for control of Toxoplasmosis. I am interested in how Toxoplasma circumvents this bottleneck through biochemical and hormonal subterfuge. I have also shown that Toxoplasma can be sexually transmitted from males to females through ejaculate. My current research project is situated in Kangaroo Island south of Adelaide. Sheep in this island show remarkably higher rates of Toxoplasmosis compared to mainland South Australia. Conservation authorities are planning to remove all cats from Kangaroo Island in the next few years. This should lead to disruption of Toxoplasma life cycle which needs cats. My goal is to confirm that scientific prediction by measuring epidemiology of Toxoplasma in small rodents and sheep before and after cat removal. This project is in collaboration with the University of Adelaide.
Asst Prof Amer Mohammad Yusuf Mohammad Ghias1- High Power Density Wide-Band-Gap Converters 2- Multilevel Converters - Fault Tolerant Converters - Advanced Modulation Techniques 3- Novel Converters Typologies 4- Flexible AC Transmissions and High voltage DC Current 5- Micro-grid - Hybrid Energy Storage - Advanced Control Methods Opening Positions: 1- Research Fellow 2- Research Associate 3- PhD Position 4- MEng Position
Assoc Prof Anilkumar K SamtaniProf Samtani's areas of expertise are in intellectual property law and information technology law. His current research works focus on trademarks and bilateralism in intellectual property rule-making.
Prof (Adj) Goh Thong NgeeQuality Engineering Quality Management Systems Engineering & Operations Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE) Robust Design for Products and Processes Lean Six Sigma Applications Taguchi Methods and Extensions
Prof Helga NowotnySTS, science and technology studies; research and innovation policy
Assoc Prof (Adj) Ho Hiang KweeSustainable energy and climate change mitigation technologies and systems, including conventional power generation technologies, fuel cells, and integrated energy systems; and in computer based modeling, analysis, design, monitoring and management of thermal and energy systems.
Dr Hong YanHis current research interests are: -Plant secondary metabolism and genetic manipulation -Genetic modification of plant: technology, field trial and regulatory approval -Genomics and genetics of tropical tree species -Plant breeding
Asst Prof Hou Han Wei-Microtechnologies and biosensors for blood diagnostics -Label-free immune cell phenotyping for rapid risk stratification in metabolic disorders -Circulating microvesicles and exosomes as novel biomarkers for non-invasive vascular health profiling -Biomimetic microengineered human organ-on-chip platforms for precision medicine