Research Categories


NameResearch Interests
Assoc Prof Ajai VyasThis section pertains to current research directions of my team. We are interested in diverse research questions at the intersection of neuroendocrinology; parasitology and behavioral ecology. We take pride in braiding mechanistic view of biology with its mooring in the evolution and ecological conditions. We are broadly interested in backwash effects of death on the processes of the life. Finite nature of the life creates a variety of trade-offs in individuals. We are interested in how these trade-offs reflect in brain and hormones. We use perturbation models in our approach. These models include manipulation of host behavior by coevolving parasites; breakdown of learning and memory due to aging; and effects of predator presence on prey physiology. These diverse approaches are united by our vision of placing form and function of neuroendocrine system within a framework of biological evolution. We have a healthy disrespect for artificial separation between fundamental and clinical biology. Our work relates to both fundamental understanding of biological processes (e.g., trade-off between reproduction and defense in brain or non-consumptive effects of predation) and issues more closer to human condition (e.g., optogenetic modulation of memory in dementia models or sexually transmitted protozoan infections).
Asst Prof Ali Faraji RadAli Faraji-Rad is broadly interested in subjective and biological processes that shape people's behaviors and decisions.
Asst Prof Andrew PrahlOrganizational Communication, Human-Automation Trust, Interpersonal Advice, Automated Advice, Automation Ethics
Asst Prof (Adj) Ang Chong Han Jansen- Resilience in law enforcement work - Offender behaviour research - Operations Psychology research - Leadership assessment & development research - Psychology of terrorism research - Detection of deception research - Crisis negotiation research
Prof Ang SoonCultural Intelligence International Business International Organizational Behavior Outsourcing Talent Management Human Resource Consulting
Asst Prof Ben TurnerCommunication neuroscience | Message tailoring | Media effects | Quantitative methods
Assoc Prof Benjamin Hill DetenberDr. Detenber's research interests include the following: Cognitive and Emotional Responses to Media Use and Impact of Information and Communication Technologies Internet Studies Computer-mediated Communication Media and Public Opinion Political Communication Quantitative Research Methods
Assoc Prof Chan Hiu Dan AliceHer research work mainly utilizes neuroimaging (fMRI) and behavioral measures to investigate how cultural experiences such as language and socialization may shape our brains and affect the way we see and hear the world. Her studies demonstrated that the auditory perception pattern is different between members from East Asian and Western cultures, which is in connection with previous findings on visual perception. She is interested in looking at the underlying cognitive and neuroanatomical mechanisms as well as the genetic bases of these culturally sensitive perceptual patterns and behaviors. Her current work also looks at possible neurophysiological realizations that would support the Whorfian hypothesis, with a specific interest in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, as well as bilingual and multilingual communities.
Assoc Prof Chan Kim YinProfessor Chan’s broad area of research expertise is in the area of human resource development and psychological measurement, focusing on entrepreneurial, professional and leadership development. His specific research areas of interest are as follows: 1. Career aspirations, attitudes/orientations and development in the 21st century, including boundarylessness, adaptability, identity & employability. 2. Holistic, lifelong career development in entrepreneurial, professional and leadership dimensions. 3. Leadership – Individual differences, leadership development and the motivation to lead. and development systems, processes and issues. 3. Psychological aspects of Science, Research and Innovation and entrepreneurship. 4. Professions and professional development in the 21st century. 5. Military Leadership and professionalism – competency and values-based/ethical aspects and broader human capital/organizational management
Asst Prof Charlene Chen YijunProfessor Chen's research addresses two overarching questions: (1) when and how consumers regulate their motivational and emotional states through consumption behaviour, and (2) how emotions affect consumers' choices and consumption experience.