Research Categories

Research Category

NameResearch Interests
Asst Prof Althaf MarsoofIntellectual Property Law and Information Technology Law ; Commercial Law ; Public Law
Assoc Prof Chen Tao, JonasCorporate Finance, ESG, FinTech
Asst Prof Corinne TanBroad research interests are in: Platform Governance; Law & Technology; Intellectual Property Law; and Media Law. Currently researching on: Blockchains; Fake News; and Regulating Artificial Intelligence.
Mr Fernandez NavprakashFernandez's areas of expertise and research interest are in the areas of Company Law and Corporate Governance and International Business Law.
Miss Jow Lee YingInternational Tax, Transfer Pricing, Tax Treaties
Asst Prof Koh Kai Yang, Alancorporate law; comparative corporate law; comparative law; Japanese law; corporate governance; private international law; international corporate law
Asst Prof Law Kai Fung, KelvinTax Tax Avoidance Financial Misconduct White-collar Crime
Assoc Prof Lim Yee FenAll aspects of law and ethics connected with technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) law, Autonomous Vehicles law, Internet law, data protection law, privacy law, data analytics law, intellectual property law, cybersecurity and cybercrime law, e-commerce law, tort law, encryption law, and electronic signatures law. Hannah also has a special interest in ethics and moral philosophy, especially its role in guiding law and law making.
Assoc Prof Low Chuen-Chuen, ValerieContract law Negotiation Mediation
Dr Mark Alan CeniteMy work focuses on constitutional law and the law and policy issues raised by new communication technologies, including artificial intelligence.