Research Categories


NameResearch Interests
Dr Arvind SainathanInterfaces of Operations Management/Marketing Pricing and Consumer Behaviour Service Operations and Supply Chain Management
Asst Prof Au Pak HungInformation economics, Industrial organization, Contract Theory, Behavioral economics
Asst Prof Bao TeExperimental Economics, Behavioral Finance, Real Estate Economics
Asst Prof Bei XiaohuiComputational economics, social networks analysis and general algorithm design.
Assoc Prof Bo AnArtificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, game theory, reinforcement learning, automated negotiation, resource allocation, and optimization
Asst Prof Byeong-Je AnAsset Pricing, Macro-Finance, Derivatives, Delegated Asset Management, Pension Plans
Assoc Prof (Adj) Cao Yong(1) Reform and development of the Chinese economy; (2) The development of China's financial market; (3) Productivity efficiency and industrial structural change.
Assoc Prof Chang XinCorporate Finance, Stock Valuation, M&As, Corporate Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibilities
Assoc Prof Chen Chien-MingCorporate social responsibility and environmental problems; empirical research on operational management; organizational productivity
Asst Prof Chen GuojunRisk management; Corporate Cash Savings and Investment; Macroeconomics and Finance; Corporate Finance Theory and Empirical Studies.