Research Categories

Research Category

NameResearch Interests
Assoc Prof A S MadhukumarModulation and multiple access schemes for future broadband systems Advanced signal processing algorithms for wireless communication systems Cognitive radio systems: algorithms and architectures Cooperative Radio Systems for Mobile multi-hop networks Ultra wideband radio systems for wireless personal area networks
Asst Prof Abhisek UkilDr. Ukil's research interest is in the field of - Power Systems: Protection, Bulk Power Transmission (HVAC, HVDC, overhead/underground), Distribution Automation (MV & LV), DC Grid, Renewable Energy & Integration, Microgrid, Energy Efficiency, Control, Hardware-in-loop testing, - Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics: Rotating Machine, Transformer, Cables, Circuit-Breaker, Relay/DFR, Surge Arrester, - Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Sensor-based Embedded Systems and applications.
Assoc Prof Alexei SourinShape modeling, shared virtual environments, haptic interaction, new user interfaces, 3D web visualization, virtual surgery, scientific visualization, music visualization.
Prof Alfred M BrucksteinVariational Methods in Image Analysis and Synthesis, Multi A(ge)nt Robotics and Applied Geometry
Asst Prof Alwen Fernanto TiuMy main research interests span theoretical as well as practical aspects of computer science; these include formal methods, computational logic, automated theorem proving and computer security. More specifically, I am interested in modelling aspects of computational systems (such as parts of operating systems, communication protocols, simple authentication devices, etc) as mathematical theories, and developing tools and techniques to prove their correctness or to find potential flaws.
Assoc Prof Andy Khong Wai HoongAdaptive filters Acoustic source localization Acoustic system identification Seismic signal processing Speech dereverberation
Asst Prof (Adj) Ang Kai KengBrain-Computer Interface, Neural Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Neural Systems.
Asst Prof Anupam ChattopadhyayComputing Architecture Design Automation Security Emerging Technologies
Assoc Prof Anwitaman DattaAnwitaman Datta is interested in large-scale networked distributed information systems and social collaboration networks, self-organization and algorithmic issues of these systems and networks and their scalability, resilience, security and performance.
Asst Prof Arijit KhanBig-graphs management and analytics, with a focus on user-friendly, online querying and pattern mining in social and information networks, using scalable algorithms and machine learning techniques. keywords: big-graphs, big-data, graph-systems, knowledge graphs, uncertain graphs, graph streams, databases, data mining, machine learning, algorithms.