Research Categories

Chinese Culture & Language (Chinese Studies)

NameResearch Interests
Prof Chan Kam Leung AlanChinese Philosophy and Religion; Hermeneutics and Critical Theory; Comparative Philosophy and Religion
Prof Chen Shen- Art and Culture of Early China - Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies - Archaeology and Anthropology in general - Material Cultures and Technology in Ancient China
Asst Prof Chu Kiu-waiKiu-wai’s major research explores how cinema, media and arts represent nature and the environment; and how they impact people’s perceptions and actions towards environmental issues in contemporary world. It also examines how culture shapes, and is shaped by, the contacts and interactions between human and the more-than-human world (including animals, plants, inanimate objects, and the environment) in the Anthropocene age. Kiu-wai is also actively promoting cross-regional research and educational initiatives and collaborations in Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities, particularly in East and Southeast Asian regions. He welcomes global research collaborations with academics from all disciplines, and non-academics such as artists, curators, media workers and others on cultural and ecocritical projects.
Dr Cui FengTranslation Studies, Comparative Literature
Dr Ella RaidelExperimental Cinema, Sinophone Cinema, Contemporary Aesthetics, Contemporary Art, Interdisciplinary Research Urban Studies
Asst Prof Els Van DongenResearch Areas Chinese intellectuals Intellectual debates in reform China (post-1978) Conceptual history and knowledge circulation Twentieth-century Chinese historiography Intellectual history of modern China Chinese diaspora and migration Diaspora policies and nationalism Education of returned overseas Chinese during the Cold War Universities for Chinese overseas in the PRC during the reform period (post-1978) For my publications, see: Teaching Areas HH1003 Asia-Pacific in Global History: From 1800 HH3001 Historiography: Theory and Methods HH3003 Migration and Diaspora: Chinese Experiences in Comparative Perspective HH3015 In the Name of the Nation?: Nationalism in Asia HH3021 Traitors, TV Stars, and Taboos: Representing History in Contemporary China HH4012 Intellectual History of Modern China HH7090 Special Topics in History: Global Asia
Asst Prof Fang XiaopingMedical history in twentieth-century China Modern Chinese history
Dr Goh Chye TeeProf Goh Chye Tee?s areas of expertise are Accounting, Cost Management and TCM. His current research works focus on the integration of traditional culture and modern management.
Assoc Prof Goh Geok YianAssociate Professor Goh Geok Yian's areas of expertise are: early history of Burma and Southeast Asia, premodern communication, cultural, religious and trade networks, and study of early urbanization. She currently leads a multi-year project in Bagan, Myanmar and Singapore focusing on ceramics analysis and urbanization. Her current research in Singapore deals with the analysis of materials excavated from two sites: St. Andrew’s Cathedral and Fort Canning Spice Gardens. She is also completing an English translation of a 20th-century Burmese novel by a well-known author, Ma Sandar. Geok has also plans to further her research in the study of Buddhist architecture and mural paintings of Bagan, continuing work on a project which she began in 2008.
Prof Goh Nguen WahDr. Goh's areas of interests include: government and politics of Singapore, government's media, education and language policies, language planning; the rise of China and the global Chinese language fever, the prospects of Chinese language in a globalized world, cross-cultural studies, journalism of the West and the East.