Research Categories

Arts, Design and Media

NameResearch Interests
Prof Alfred M BrucksteinVariational Methods in Image Analysis and Synthesis, Multi A(ge)nt Robotics and Applied Geometry
Prof Anand Krishna AsundiProf. Asundi's primary research interests are in the field of photomechanics with specific applications in the fields of micro and nano mechanics, biomechanics, chemical sensing, non-destructive testing and smart structures.
Prof Ben Alvin SheddProf Ben's research concerns creating effective science and technology media about very large and very small phenomena seen on displays from handheld size to multi-story high screens. He received a 1989 summer long Residential Creativity Fellowship from the Alden B. Dow Creativity Center, Northwood University where he began his EXPLODING THE FRAME research comparing small screen and giant screen imagery and creating a new filmic language for effective giant screen production. This research began for producing IMAX giant screen films and continues today with ever larger high-resolution digital screens and full dome immersive presentations where the edges of the screen frame are outside our field of vision.
Mr Benjamin Alexander SlaterScreenwriting Craft and Practice Fiction, Narratives & Storytelling Interactive & Experiential Narratives Urban Space, Psychogeography Film Histories & Criticism Creative Writing
Assoc Prof Benjamin SeideInterdisciplinary collaboration of art and technology Visual Effects as a aesthetic and narrative device in film Development of new animation and visual effects relevant techniques Animation and Visual Effects specific project management systems Immersive media experiences such as 360 degree films, Virtual Reality (VR) and stereoscopic film My current research interests in the field of animation, visual effects and interactive are particularly in these three areas: 1) The role of visual effects as an aesthetic and narrative device in film-making 2) The exploration of immersive technologies such as stereoscopy, dome projections and virtual reality applications 3) The development of software tools to support the production process of visual effects at universities and small to medium size (SME) studios These specific interests have evolved organically from my previous research projects and my animation practice as visual effects artist and supervisor. Through my experience in the visual effects industry, I have identified a lack of tools supporting the production process of complex visual effects at universities and small to medium size studio teams. The aim of my research is to develop solutions to fill this gap in form of software tools, which could potentially be used by other universities in the field of art and media.
Asst Prof Bernhard Johannes SchmittBernhard's research interests are in the areas of stop-motion animation, experimental animation and interdisciplinary research in art and technology with an emphasis on social robots.
Assoc Prof Biju DhanapalanBiju Dhanapalan has research interests in the following areas: Digital animation and visual effects practice led research covers areas of feature films, commercials and TV serials; the interdisciplinary collaboration of art and technology in new media and interactive exhibits; 3D immersive technology in air traffic control systems; Motion analysis of classical dance forms; intuitive pedagogical tools for math learning. Multi-surface projections, Interactive Stereoscopy and Alternate Education. Inquiry into the play of 'song and and dance' in Indian cinema and its role in the narrative arc of films
Prof C.J. Wee Wan-ling• Globalisation and contemporary cultural production in East and Southeast Asia • Curation and the idea of 'Asia' • Literature, theatre and contemporary visual art in Singapore • Colonialism and nationalism in English and Anglophone literatures and cultures • Cultural and Postcolonial theory • Modernity and modernism in Euro-America and East Asia
Assoc Prof Cai YiyuHis interest in Interactive & Digital Media (IDM) mainly includes Tactile/Haptic VR System Design, GPU-accelerated Digital Media Processing, Serious Games and Simulation, and Computer-aided Design. He has been doing research in the intersection of IDM, and Bio & Medical Sciences covering from Computer-assisted Surgery to Volumetric Cellular Image Processing to Phase I/II Drug Clinical Trial Design to Protein Docking. In MedTech field, he pioneered the research and development on Cardiovascular and Intracardiac Interventional Simulation for pre-treatment planning and training application. He is also active in industry-oriented research working closely with Engineering and Education sectors.
Ms Candice Ng Ee ChingCandice's research interests include digital material culture, tangible interaction design, critical design, design pedagogy and design studies.