Research Categories

Aerospace Engineering

This category covers:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Boundary Layer and CFD
  • Combustion and Turbomachinery
  • Flight Guidance and Control,
  • Intelligent Materials and Adaptive Structures
  • Propulsion
  • Surface Engineering
NameResearch Interests
Asst Prof Amal Chandran• Small Satellite Development. • Satellite Instrumentation for Atmospheric remote sensing. • Optical and Infrared remote sensing on cubesat platforms • Cubesat instrumentation for Ionospheric plasma measurements. • Climate Modeling: Stratospheric Sudden Warmings, Atmospheric Coupling, Stratosphere-Mesosphere dynamics I have PhD student positions open for suitable candidates to work on instrumentation and atmospheric modeling. In addition to their research, the PhD students will be expected to work as student project managers/system engineers on ongoing cubesat projects, learning all aspects of cubesat development and engineering. Students with prior experience in working with satellite hardware and background in electrical/mechanical engineering and coding experience will be preferred.
Dr Basman ElhadidiActive Flow Control Aerodynamics Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Remotely Operated Vehicles Wind Turbines
Assoc Prof Chai Gin BoayComposite Materials & Structures, Buckling and Failure of Structures, Practical Application of Finite Element softwares (ANSYS, ABAQUS, MARC/MENTAT).
Asst Prof Chan Wai LeeCombustion modeling; Combustion instability; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); Flamelet models; Fluid-structure interactions; Gas turbine engines; High-fidelity simulations; High-speed air-breathing vehicles; Large-eddy simulations; Numerical combustion; Pollutant emission; Turbulent non-/reacting flows
Prof Chang, Joseph SylvesterJoseph Chang is multi-disciplinary engineer with research encompassing core CAS-related fields including analog, digital and aerospace circuits/systems; biomedical/life-sciences related-fields; and the emerging printed-electronics. He received the B.Eng (ECE) from Monash University, and Ph.D. from the Department of Otolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne, and has two-years IC-related industrial-experience. He is currently with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (and Adjunct at Texas A&M). He has contributed to senior university administration and to ECE undergraduate/graduate education. He was the inaugural Associate-Dean of Research-and-Graduate-Studies at the 660 faculty-strong College-of-Engineering. For undergraduate education, he emphasized on promoting and instilling undergraduates’ interest in ECE, including being the chair of the Undergraduate-Research-Experience-on-Campus and Undergraduate-Research-Opportunities-Program programs, chaired Orientation-Programs and national-level undergraduate-conferences, and has given several talks in high-schools. In the IEEE, he contributed to both core and multi-disciplinary fields, including as Guest-Editor of the Proceedings-of-the-IEEE on ‘Computational System-Biology’, Guest-Editor of the CAS-Magazine on ‘Special-Issue on Life-Sciences’, Editor of the CAS-Magazine’s Open-Column, Chairperson of the IEEE-NIH Life-Sciences-Systems-and-Applications (LiSSA) Workshop, Chairperson of two IEEE-NIH CAS-Medical-and-Environmental (CASME) Workshops, Chairperson of the LiSSA Technical-Committee, Associate-Editor of IEEE TCAS-I (3-terms) and -II, Associate-Editor of the IEEE CAS-Magazine, Distinguished-Lecturer, etc. Of specific interest, he organized the successful merging of the BioCAS and LiSSA technical-committees, largely for CAS’s concerted/united life-sciences efforts. He was instrumental in several non-IEEE establishments’ engagement in CAS’s activities, including other IEEE societies, National-Institutes-of-Health, Telemedicine-and-Advanced-Technology-Research-Center, American-Institute-of-Medical-and-Bioengineering, etc. Impact thereto includes NIH’s request for each of their 27 institutes a copy of the aforesaid CAS-magazine’s special-issue, representation by different IEEE societies at the IEEE-NIH workshops and NIH financial support for CASME. He has published over 200 referee-reviewed publications (primarily in IEEE) and has over 20 patents (awarded/pending). In the field of ‘Class-D amplifier’, he has the most number of publications in the IEEE; and the top-ranked paper (excluding patents) and four of the top six papers in ‘Digital Class-D Amplifier’ in Google Scholar. He has received numerous grants from local and international funding-agencies (including DARPA and the EU) and from industry, amounting to >US$10M. He has founded two startups, and has designed numerous ECE-related products for industry. His research interests are largely emerging technologies, including bioengineering, microfluidics, audiology, psychoacoustics, and analog and digital circuit designs. He leads a group of 25 researchers - externally funded - including from DARPA (USA) and from the European Union. Some description of his work may be found in the following editorials of the Proceedings of the IEEE and the IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine (where he served as a Guest Editor): J. Chang, S. Wong, R. Newcomb and P. Häfliger, ‘Third Revolution in Medicine – the Convergence of Life Sciences with Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering’, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, Special Issue on Life Sciences, Aug 2012 S. Wong, M. Ogorzalek and J. Chang, ‘Editorial on the Special Issue on Computational Systems Biology’, The Proceedings of the IEEE, Aug 2008
Prof Chen ZhongThin Films & Low-dimensional Materials: Thin films & nano-materials for clean energy and environmental applications; Microelectronic thin films; Protective and functional surface coatings. Mechanical Behavior of Materials: Fracture, fatigue, and creep of bulk monolithic & composite materials, thin films and multi-layers; Experimental and computational mechanics.
Dr Chow Wai TuckMaintenance Repair and Overhaul, Structures Analysis, Fracture Analysis, Engine Design and Aircraft Design.
Assoc Prof Fan HuiProf. Fan has been conducting research in the area of solid mechanics for over 20 years. His publications touched topics: fracture mechanics, mechanics of composites, micromechanics of defects in the solids, and multi-physics.
Assoc Prof Fan Zheng, David- Non-destructive testing of composites - Structure health monitoring - Materials characterization - Ultrasonic modeling
Assoc Prof Huang WeiminShape memory materials and technologies Smart actuators and devices Active assembly and disassembly Surface patterning Yield surface of materials Materials selection