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The Provost and Deans' Group (PDG) have endorsed the move for every faculty member in College of Engineering and College of Science to establish a ResearcherID account with the following objectives:


  1. To increase and enhance visibility of our researchers and their research output
  2. To provide faculty members a means to analyse and track citations to their papers (those indexed by Web of Science) more easily.


In addition, ResearcherID is an efficient tool for faculty members to:


  1. organise and manage their peer-reviewed works
  2. publicise their works to the rest of world
  3. identify peers and track leaders using the tools provided


For College of Engineering & College of Science

Between Dec 2010 and Feb 2011, the project team rolled out ResearcherID for all existing faculty members in both College of Engineering & College of Science.

In this roll out, the faculty members involved will have a ResearcherID account created with publications uploaded into their account.

A User Guide was put together to assist faculty members in the initial navigation of ResearcherID after the mass creation of IDs and uploading of publications.

User Guide

For new faculty members joining NTU after Feb 2011

All new COE & COS faculty members who joined NTU after Feb 2011 no ResearcherID accounts will be created for them by the project team.

The following are two possible scenarios for faculty members who joined NTU after Feb 2011:

  1. Faculty members with existing ResearcherID accounts:

    Some faculty members may have already created ResearcherID accounts on their own or from their previous institutions. For this group of users, it is important to update your affiliation to correctly reflect your current institution - Nanyang Technological University.

    Here are some steps to update the “Primary Institution” in your ResearcherID profile:

    1. Log in to ResearcherID Account with your existing username & password
    2. Click on “Manage Profile”
    3. Click on “My Affiliations” tab
    4. Copy the following text and paste it in the field for “Primary Institution”:

      Nanyang Technological University

    5. You may want to update the rest of the fields in your profile accordingly
    6. After you have made the changes, click on “Submit changes on this page” to save the changes

  2. Faculty members with NO ResearcherID accounts:

    For this group of faculty members who have never signed up for a ResearcherID account, here are some steps help you register and sign up for an account:

    1. Go to and click on “Join now it’s free”. Complete the details as requested to request for an invitation email to be sent to you.
    2. You will receive an email prompting you to register. Complete the registration process as required.
    3. Please ensure that the Institution field is entered correctly. We recommend that you cut the following text and paste it in the Institution field:
      Institution: Nanyang Technological University.
    4. Complete the registration form as required. Once you have completed the details, do remember to click “Submit Registration” to complete the registration
    5. When you have completed the registration, you will be informed of your ResearcherID number. You can now proceed to manage your Profile and add publications.
      Details on how to build your publication list can be found here.

Please note that ResearcherID uses the same log-in details for the Web of Science (WOS) personalized account. WOS personalized account allows you to save searchers and create alerts. (This is not the same as accessing Web of Science via Library’s website when you key in the NTU Network details - staff\username.)

Hence during registration you may encounter message that you already have a password. Should this happen, please log in using your WOS account details. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at:


A list of Frequently Asked Questions put together to assist Faculty Members.


The library conducts regular briefing sessions on Getting started with ReseacherID. Details can be found here.

Online : Create a ResearcherID, Promoting Your Research with ResearcherID, ResearchID Labs
(Source: Thomson Reuters)


ResID team comprises of staff from CITS, Library and RSO.

For assistance or clarifications regarding ResIDs, please contact:

For assistance on Web of Science or EndNote Web, please contact NTU Libraries: