Research Integrity

NTU Research Integrity Policy & Course

The purpose of this site is to assist all NTU researchers in understanding the different aspects of Research Integrity and answer all your questions. Here you can find information about what 'Research Integrity' means in NTU and learn how to be a responsible member of the research community, including how to report suspected misconduct.
*All new appointees (faculty and research staff) and research students MUST sign the declaration on appointment/ start of the studentship via the Stafflink

Everyone who suspects research misconduct should report this in strict confidence  to Research Integrity Officer at By working together, we can ensure that NTU is a world-leading, professional, open and fair research environment.

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  1. NTU Research Integrity Policy
  2. Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct
  3. The University Code of Conduct
  4. NTU Whistle Blowing Procedure     
  5. Research Integrity – Legislation and Guidelines   


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