Research Integrity

NTU Research Integrity Declaration

NTU Research Integrity Policy and Procedures

  1. Preamble
    NTU is committed to the pursuit of research excellence and equally committed to the maintenance of the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour in all its research endeavours and does not tolerate any departure from these standards. It fully subscribes to the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity and its constituent four principles of honesty, accountability, professional courtesy and fairness and good stewardship and the 14 responsibilities of a professional researcher.

    Integrity and the responsible conduct of research is the basis of NTU’s research activities and is necessary in order to build a relationship of trust between research colleagues (whether they be at NTU or elsewhere), funders and research collaborators. It is also necessary in building trust between NTU research and society at large. Therefore, it is a fundamental obligation of all concerned within NTU’s research community whether this be students at undergraduate or postgraduate level or employees (technical and research staff and faculty) to ensure that their actions are of the highest integrity and do not tarnish NTU’s reputation. Breaches of these standards have to be considered as disciplinary matters and all those concerned with research at NTU must accept this obligation. On appointment, all persons involved in research at NTU shall sign a declaration of commitment to the upholding of the highest standards of research integrity.

  2. Responsible Conduct of Research
    The responsible conduct of research covers research behaviour in all its aspects and commits the researcher to conduct his research with care, rigour, honesty and respect for all and everything involved and which are the marks of good scholarship and are in accordance with the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity. This covers the obligations to maintain full and accurate records of research and their storage in NTU, both in hard copy and as electronic records (NTU further obliges research output to be stored and maintained at NTU for a minimum period of 10 years after publication or patenting and this also applies to PhD data and laboratory notebooks); to ensure that all those concerned or quoted are given appropriate credit and recognition; to respect all matters relating to privacy; and to comply fully with all relevant laws and codes of ethical behaviour appertaining to research. With these obligations in the conduct of research comes the corollary that there is also an obligation of those concerned to report observed, suspected or apparent misconduct, malpractices and/or non-compliance with the University’s codes of conduct and discipline as described in the Whistle Blowing Procedures found in Blowing Procedures.pdf

  3. Mentoring and Training
    NTU is committed to the development of and provision of education and training on the needs of responsible conduct of research and on research integrity and ethical behaviour. Faculty members are also encouraged to join such courses in order to be able to provide mentoring to their junior colleagues. All faculty and research staff on appointment to NTU will be required to sign a declaration that they will abide by NTU’s research integrity policy and the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity as will all PhD students.

  4. Clause for Insertion into All External Research Collaboration Agreements
    To reinforce NTU’s commitment to research integrity, all new external research collaboration agreements with other universities and research institutes in Singapore and overseas and agreements with industry and commerce should include a clause committing both parties to the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of research and collaboration of any allegations of research misconduct.

    This clause is appended herewith.
    “NTU and (name of other collaborating party (ies)) are committed to maintaining the highest standards of research integrity and the responsible conduct of research, as defined in the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity. Both NTU and (name of other collaborating party (ies) agree to cooperate in investigation(s) which result from any accusations of research misconduct and malpractice arising from this research collaboration.”