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Associate Professor Junsong Yuan's team received 2016 Best Paper Award of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

Published on : 08-Jun-2016


2016 Best Paper Award of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

Authors: Zhou Ren, Junsong Yuan, Jingjing Meng and Zhengyou Zhang

Title: Robust Part-based Hand Gesture Recognition based on Finger-Earth Mover's Distance

Venue: IEEE Trans. on Multimedia (T-MM), 2013


As an important way of non-verbal communication, hand gestures are commonly used in our daily life. This work pioneers the field of hand gesture understanding and interaction using depth cameras. The first author of this paper, Zhou Ren, was Junsong Yuan's M.Eng. student at School of EEE. The awarded paper is a popular article and highly cited paper of IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, a top venue for multimedia research. This work was sponsored by Nanyang Assistant Professorship and a gift grant from Microsoft Research, USA. As a follow-up work, Junsong Yuan has been awarded a MoE Tier-2 grant "A Vision-based Solution for Egocentric Hand Motion Analysis on Wearable Devices" starting from July 2016, with the aim to enable more intelligent human-machine communication and interaction using hands.